Big Papi

I recently was asked to perform at Comics Come Home, a benefit show for The Cam Neely Foundation. The show is put on every year in Boston and is held at The Boston Garden! Or the TD Bank Center or whatever. I would go to the Garden as a kid to see the Celtics play. I actually only went once, but whatever, I remember it! This benefit is hosted by Dennis Leary and also featured Wanda Sykes, Robert Kelly and Bill Burr. Needless to say it’s kind of a big deal, like 11,000 people big deal. Luckily I had a great set, the stage and arena was amazing. It was the largest audience I had ever performed for but there was only one person that I could focus on, BIG PAPI! Otherwise known as David Ortiz the former Red Sox stud and 2004 ALCS hero, let alone all the other amazing years he had. He was one of the greatest hitters to ever play baseball and he was sitting in the front row. Besides baseball he was also an awesome human being. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen was the speech he gave shortly after the Bombing at The Boston Marathon, if you haven’t seen it, give it a look. The FCC didn’t bleep out him swearing which is to me was something special. When the show ended Big paps came right up to me and said, “You are hilarious man!” I never geek out over celebrities but This was David Ortiz! I put my drink down and grabbed a quick pic. An amazing night, one to remember.

Jay Larson