Carson Daly, The Today Show and Season Premier Best Bars in America!

Hey Hey Playas!  Lots going on this week!  Take a look…images

Monday – Tune in to Carson Daly to watch Jay’s stand up/interview.  It’s on late so he won’t be mad if you just tiro it!

Toozdee – New episode of The #CrabFeast.  Jay will also be on Radio across the country promoting Best Bars season 2 and will be on The Ron and Fez show with Sean, tune in around 2:00EST.

Wednesday – Jay will be on The Today show with Kathy Lee and Hoda promoting Best Bars in America!  And then that night the premier of Sean 2 kicks off at 9:00 on Esquire Network!

Thursday and Friday – Jay is doing nothing!  He needs a break!

“Self Taught” Episode 1, Best Man

Hey guys, this is a short I wrote, directed and produced for FOX a couple years back.  The series was called “Self Taught” and I was fortunate enough to work with some great actors.  Take a look.

THIS WEEK! In Town Shows, Live Podcast, SF Punchline & Carson Daly!!!

7396252868_f303e0c84c_zWhat’s up kiddos?  Did we all have a great weekend?  Do we all need some fun things to do this week?  Are we all annoyed at the way I’m writing this post?  ME TOOO!!!  Just some info of what is up this week. Sooooo, LISTEN UP!!!  Here’s what’s crackin.

Monday – Tonight at 6:00PST I will be live on the “Off the Rails” podcast with Josh Wolf and Sarah Colonna You can watch live HERE! and you can call in if you want.

Toozdee – New CrabFeast Podcast!  Best Bars in America party at Blind Barber in Culver City 7-9.  And I will be performing at the Venice Townhouse around 10:00.

Wed-Sat – I will be performing the whole weekend at The SF Punchline!  If you live in the Bay Area, get on over and have a hang with me!!! TICKETS.

Next Monday – Set your DVR’s because I will be on Carson Daly.  It’s half stand up and half interview, I love the format and it’s really fun!

Have a great week!

SXSW 2015 Wrap Up!


Well Another SXSW is in the books and it was a full one.  If you have never been, I highly recommend going next year.  There is so much going on.  I got in on Friday and checked in to our Airbnb which was awesome.  Just 3 dudes sharing a house like we were in college again, except now we are adults, like nice things, have some extra cash and didn’t have to wake to go to class or in our case, change a diaper.  After grabbing some essentials for the house, “Lone Star” I mean we are in Texas, I ran over to Little Barrel and Brown My good buddy Scotty and I were meeting up there and it happens to be our Good friend Matt’s second restaurant in Austin and it is awesome.  We featured his first place, Botticelli’s  on Best Bars in Season 1.  It always feels great to see friends doing well.  Next time you are in Austin I highly recommend checking it out!

Friday Night was the world premiere of the movie I was in called The Invitation.  It is loaded with super talented actors!  Not to mention award winning Director Karyn Kusama and super stud writers!  I think it’s safe to say I was lucky to be in this thing!  The screening was amazing and we got a nice little write up in Variety! We will see what happens next with it film! Day 1 in the books!


Saturday started with some coffee and some press for the podcast at The PayPal lounge.  The podcast has grown so much over the last two years and we are lucky to have an amazing following and are able to share not only our stories but stories from some amazing comedians! So after a quick interview I headed out to meet up with My co host with most and some other comedians for some afternoon drinks.unnamed-8

Later that night I did some stand up which I haven’t done in so long!!!  Why?  Because I have a human that “claims” I need to be home while it sleeps!  Either way it was great to be on stage at the festival.  Later that night we got at it a bit because that’s what you do at festivals, it ended up being a long night if you consider 4:30am long?  I guess it’s all how you look at it.  Day 2 done!

Sunday started with an amazing breakfast at the house cooked up by resident house boy, “Jay G”  let’s hope he never reads this!  He probably wouldn’t mind considering he makes the best maple glazed bacon of all time!  After filling up on food and coffee we headed out to The Funny Or Die Hideout where Ryan and I were announcing the Ping Pong tournament!  It was an awesome afternoon where 8 teams battled for a Ping Pong table of their own.  Ry and I had a blast and had some special guests join us like, Rell Battle, Matt Braunger, Andrew Santino, Baron Davis and Matthew Berry.  unnamed-5

After some dinner I headed over to judge Roast Battle.  What’s roast battle?  I’m glad you asked.  It’s just the most insane show where comics go head to head in a battle of roast jokes!  It’s so freakin entertaining.  The comedians are usually super strong writer’s and are usually ruthless!!!  But what gets it for me is the “Negro Wave” which is a heckling group of comics, that get up and act out 10 second sketches when someone crushes a roast joke!  Those guys kill me, Jamar Neighbors, Jeremiah Watkins and Willie Hunter  The show is worth it just to see these guys!!!  I judged with Rell, Braunger and Iliza Schlesinger and it was awesome.  After that some more party type events.  Day 3 done.

And before I know it it was Monday, my last day at the festival but it was going to be a great day.  Ry and I were hosting a live CrabFeast podcast at The Funny Or Die location and we had a great line up.  As many of you know we release the podcast every Toozdee and we have one guest.  But whenever we do a live podcast we have multiple guests and later put the episode up on our premium channel.  And this episode was amazing!  We started off with Michael Showalter formerly of “The State”, writer of  Wet Hot American Summer and writer/director of “Hello my name is Doris” which premiered at the festival.  Then we had Glenn Wool who just got off a 5 year comedy tour, so needless to say he has some health issues.  And we capped it off with one of our favorite comedians Hannibal Burress.  Hannibal is a beast!  he has so much going on right now with Broad City, The Eric Andre Show and his own Comedy Central project!  We were stoked that he took the time to pop in and of course he was hilarious!unnamed-6

So how do I top a festival like this???  I’ll tell you how!  By getting my ass handed to me at Roast Battle!  That’s right!  Why does a story teller go into the main event of Roast Battle against a guy that is know for his brutally honest and stinging jokes?!  Because I like doing things that scare me and I like to try things I don’t think I am right for.  Sometimes you will surprise yourself, and other times you get exactly what you thought you would!!!  And that’s what happened to me.  I went up against Mark Normand, he’s a New York comic and has a great comedic voice.  He has one of my all time favorite jokes of all time and I knew it was gonna be tough.  But not this tough.  I got whacked!  But not just from Mark, we had so many judges, Joe Derosa, Chris D’elia, Brent Morin, Rick Glassman, Ron Funches, Rell, and the Roast Master himself Jeff Ross!  And even though I lost, I had a blast.  The show is so fun!  And how often can you get roasted by Jeff Ross himself?  It was a blast, the festival was a blast!  I highly recommend it!  Till next time SX!







Jay and Ru

Maybe the greatest woman I have ever known.  She and I had so much fun together!  I have some other old videos with her I will get up eventually!!!

I’m Not Racist

This is a great short that my buddy Ryan Sickler wrote.  I was lucky enough to act in it with Ry.  It was featured on Tosh.0.