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Jay Larson on Conan – Wrong Number

This is one of my favorite sets of all time.  I love this story and love that Conan and his booker JP Buck gave me the opportunity to do a full story on Late night TV, most bookers stay away from that!  I love story telling and am really proud of this one!

Jay Larson on The Pete Holmes Show

Pete Holmes is one of the funniest people I have ever met and super smart, I loved his show and was super bummed when it got cancelled!  Ry and I had so much fun on the show.

Jay Larson at The Laugh Factory

I love the Laugh Factory

Jay Larson – “Auntie Gert”

Another clip from Super Serious show in LA.  My Nana and her sisters played a huge role in my upbringing and I miss them all the time, I love being to pay homage to them in my stand up.

Jay Larson on The Late Late Show

This was my third TV appearance.  back in the day my imagination really ruled my stand up and I think this is a great example of that.