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“Self Taught” Episode 1, Best Man

Hey guys, this is a short I wrote, directed and produced for FOX a couple years back.  The series was called “Self Taught” and I was fortunate enough to work with some great actors.  Take a look.

Jay and Ru

Maybe the greatest woman I have ever known.  She and I had so much fun together!  I have some other old videos with her I will get up eventually!!!

I’m Not Racist

This is a great short that my buddy Ryan Sickler wrote.  I was lucky enough to act in it with Ry.  It was featured on Tosh.0.

A Friend In Need

Maybe the dumbest short I ever made but I think it’s so funny, ok more weird than anything!  I love Ryan Sickler with all my heart, he’s the best!!!

Confessions of a Trivial Thief: Chai Latte

I love to steal from people I know, it’s just a thing I do.  I’ve stolen tooth paste from Nick Thune and candles from Joe Derosa, it just makes life more interesting.  I always liked the idea of telling a story through single pictures, the audience has to focus on each one and really pay attention.