Jul 07

Hey San Diego! This Wed July 9, 8:00 American Comedy Co.

Unknown-1San Diego you better get out of the water and get down to The American Comedy Company for a great show this wednesday!!!  I am headlining one show only and I can’t wait.  I love SD and love the crowds, looking forward to it.  Get  TICKETS Here!

   Jun 25

Best Bars in America TONIGHT on Esquire Network 10:00pm

imagesSo, for about 7 weeks I traveled around the country drinking and eating at some of the best bars in the country!  I went to dive bars, craft cocktail bars, beer bars, wine bars and hotel bars.  All in all I went to about 83 different bars and had about 400 drinks just so I could tell the world about it!!!  And tonight is the first episode, so check it out!!!


   Jun 25

New Podcast Premium Episodes

UnknownHey CrabFeast fans!!!  You know we come with a great new storytelling podcast every week for free!  But now we are also offering premium episodes from live recorded podcast in front of a live audience.  The 1st episode is up here, NEW PREMIUM EPISODE and you can get it on CD Baby or iTunes!!!  It is a great episode and there are more to come!!!  Thanks for being a part of Feaster Nation!!!

#FTCF #*****

   Jun 25


Hey guys, I know I have been lazy.  Let me correct that, I know you guys think I have been lazy!  But I had a baby, then I shot a TV show for 7 weeks and now I am wrapping up a 4 week movie shoot.  And now I’m not bragging!  OK, kinda.  But now I am getting back on stage and I want you to come!!!  Here are some July dates in LA and SD.

7/1 – UCB 8:00

7/2 – Angel City Brew House 8:00 and Comedy Juice at The Improv 10:00

7/8 – HOllywood Improv 10:00

7/9 – American Comedy Company San Diego 8:00

7/10 – Josh and Josh Show @ Bar Lubitch 8:30 and Comedy Juice at The Ice House 10:00

7/19 – Brew Ha Ha

7/22 – Comedy Living Room 8:30 and The Hollywood Improv 10:00

7/23 – Live CrabFeast Recording at Westside Comedy Theater

7/24 – Hollywood Improv 10:00

7/29 – Westside Eclectic 8:00 and Super Serious at The Virgil 9:30

Come on out to a show!!!

   Jan 06

Riot LA Comedy Festival

UnknownHey La Peeps I am doing some really awesome shows this week at The RIOT LA Comedy Festival.  And every lineup is amazing.  if you are in town and want to check out a show these are some doozeys!!!  Here are my shows…

Full Schedule HERE!!!

1/10 Hosting for Todd Barry

1/11 Candy Cigarettes with Jay Larson

1/12 KCRW Presents


   Dec 04

Jay on Conan!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch me on Conan this past Monday.  Even though it was my third time on the show I was still super excited.  Conan and his team have been really great to allow me to perform my brand of comedy to the world and I deeply appreciate that!  Almost as much as I appreciate all of you guys!

   Nov 25

Jay Larson and Friends Nov 29 Hollywood Improv. LAUGH!

dyl_jay-dcimprov33_2007Stuffed from Turkey, exhausted from shopping with all those price savers or do you just need some laughter in your life? ANSWER ME!!! This Friday I will be headlining the Hollywood Improv with some of my best friends in Comedy! And I have discount tickets!!! Use the Promo Code JAY for $5 tickets. This show is super unique and has some of the funniest people I know! I am doing a bunch of new material and have this great line up…

Mark Serritella – Comedy Central, Numerous USO Tours!
Rory Scovel – TBS’s hilarious show Ground Floor, CONAN.
Nick Thune – Fallon, Conan, tons of other stuff.
Ryan Sickler – Comedy Central, Ferguson, CRABFEAST!!!

What a great way to cap off Thanksgiving and kick off the weekend!

   Nov 05

Acme Comedy Company 11/5 to 11/9

AcmeComedyCompanyHey Minneapolis!  I am in your city this week!  Acme Comedy Company is one of my favorite clubs in the country and I will be there all week, literally!  Tickets are available RIGHT HERE!!!

   Sep 11

Do you like stories?

Weeeellllll…Then you should listen to my podcast!!!  What’s a podcast?  It’s basically a downloadable radio show that exists on iTunes. Oh, you don’t have itunes?  Then you can listen right off the feed from this weeks post, THE CRABFEAST and you can do that every week.  Every Toozdee, my co host, Ryan Sickler and I sit down with a great story teller and we talk about the past, present, future, childhood, old jobs, past relationships and a whole lot more.  It’s a great break in your week and we appreciate you tuning in.  And if you like this week’s episode, then go back and listen to the past episodes.  And if you really like it then go to itunes and subscribe to it CRABFEAST ON ITUNES!

   Jul 12

I don’t like to Brag, but…

…my Mother said I should be proud of the fact that my Conan set made it to #1 on Reddit.com.  And if you haven’t see it yet, you can watch it here!  CONAN Thanks for all the love guys!  Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 12.42.28 PM